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toothpaste for dinner
Because I am getting sick and tired of people with creepy usernames friendlisting me in the middle of the night, and also because I'd like to blog more intimately about some career-related things without worry that it would end up at a potential employer (or my personal life stuff either), I'm going to be taking this blog friends-only from now on.

I don't intend to be exclusive of anyone who's actually been reading though, so if you'd like to be added please just comment here.

Mom, this means you have to make an account and tell me your user name.

Attn: People Who Like Words

I am looking for suggestions for a brand new, made up word to apply to  the following defintion: "To recognize and avoid unnecessary silliness."

Prize: Pride, public accolades...

In related news, in the search for other made up words, this one made me laugh: Umfriend.


New old bow

Today I had the pleasure to try out the new old bow I got. I mainly bought it so I would have something to use to teach archery to any interested friends. (Admittedly it's my fantasy to get one to three more people hooked so that we could carpool to events around the country as an excuse to travel).

Even though it's a relatively light bow, after shooting for a half hour I have the same awful left shoulder pain I had when I dusted off my tournament rig last month. This is actually good news, because I was worried that the pain was either from my tournament setup weighing too much or from dropping my arm post-release. After shooting this recurve and having the same thing happen, it's obvious that the real culprit is that I'm just not in shape. And that's something I can fix (gogo free weights).

It's a very pleasant bow, so I'm glad I got it. I love that it's a takedown, so I can disassemble it and put it in the truck (the target bow does't fit in the cab), which means I might even go again tomorrow.

Beautiful moon tonight too, like a white cheddar cradle rising up over the westside lights. I wish I had some cheese... so hungry.


Simple Living

I actually look forward to paying bills these days. I have so few anymore, that it's sort of exciting to get a bill and pay it. I should try to keep that in mind for the next iteration of my life - that having fewer bills to worry about is nice. Of course the main way I've accomplished this is to no longer be a homeowner, and I'm not sure I want that to be a permanent state.

I'm thinking about getting a part-time job (probably retail) just because I have the free time, and who can't use more money? So far I am thinking about:
Compusa - because I want to build myself a new computer and they probably have an employee discount on components.
REI - Because it seems like a pleasant place to work, and again I might get an employee discount on things I'd buy anyway.
Bookstores - But I worry that I'd end up buying too many books and lose money on the deal.
Auto parts store - Same worry as the bookstore. Although I wonder if any of them need part-time delivery drivers, because I'd enjoy that.

Anyone ever work for any of these places, or at some other place you liked that might suit me?

And can you believe that the Santa Fe minimum wage is $9.50? Wow. That'll bring the cost of living there down. Not. The median home price there is now $470,000. Meanwhile, in Albuquerque the median home price is about $180,000. Not that I'm saying there's any kind of direct link between wages and housing prices, economics is way more complicated than that.



Bad: Grades haven't posted, and apparently won't be posting any time soon. This is troubling for some people because today was the last day to add a class. I hope I didn't fail anything, because it is too late now.

Good: It looks like the new student loan repayment program for public-interest lawyers is actually going to pay out for last year's applicants - about $7,200. That would be a nice tax-free bonus to my public-interest salary, perhaps.


Music, etc.

I had a much better day today than I feel I had any right to, but I'm not giving the day back, so there.

I made it to my morning class and managed to stave off ADD enough to mostly follow along for 1.25 hours, then took a nap. I managed to be home when UPS wanted to deliver the WoW expansion (I had to sign for that package why?), then had just enough time to install it before heading out to see a musician I've met but never heard play before.

Not only did I really enjoy her, but she left me with some things to think about over the weekend. First, that I ought to make more of an effort to find peace in my life. Also this line "it's easier to love than to love yourself."

It was also great to be out, and lovely to meet Jewels. Even though I exist more in the virtual world than the real one, it's still good to know it's there. Also people who give people books are the best kind of people.

Blog Ethics

Lately I've been thinking about the blog ethics of relationships. Particularly, if you're dating someone who reads (or could read) your blog, how do you handle it?



Stolen from jewelsdelphina.

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"Feels the existing circumstances are hostile and i..."

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The histories of souls?

I've always thought of souls as discrete entities, by default I suppose. Even though I believe in reincarnation, I always just assumed that the same bundle of whatever was what went through the interative process.

But then it occurred to me, what if souls are something more fluid? What if they get exchanged, or intermingled, or left with people or places over time? Then maybe that feeling of "hey haven't I met you before" or "why do I know this place that I've never been" is just the feeling of re-encountering your own soul, and not someone else's.

In that case maybe the point of the whole thing is to eventually come to a single soul that encompasses everything. Of course then what, I don't know. Maybe it starts over.

I'm sure this is nothing new, there's probably a fifteen-book fantasy series exploring this idea or a major would religion for which it's a foundational concept. It's new and interesting for me, though.